As many have witnessed and forecasted that VUCA will stay as the main feature in 2022, which can make us difficult to feel fully present.

Whereas, we are living in a world that has a shared goal–Carbon Naturalization. Rechargeable energy and smart energy storage applications are the new generation of household applications to which we are paying attention.

For us, we will continue our mission to deliver advanced energy solutions to customers worldwide this year.

we roll out the new year with our exhibition and thrilling discovery journey at CES2022 in Las Vegas. Due to the world is still staying in mid of Pandemic and we deeply felt how it impeded the ‘overfull’ CES atmosphere as it normally should be.

As CES is the world’s largest consumer technology show, many high-tech around electronics and smart integration topics are gathered intensively in front of the lens by opinion leaders from different sectors.

Smart homes with renewable energy innovations came out strong at CES 2022. However, many mentioned Lithium-ion batteries, but this time not just simply batteries about how we should look at it as a storage method.

Experts continuously believe Lithium-ion batteries or battery technology are key for near-zero emissions future.

However, it is worth to mentioned renewable energy security – cyber security on our grid. When applications like autonomous vehicles are going to be storage mechanisms in the future, every single connected battery spot turns into cyber security and vulnerability.

As Martin Powell mentioned: “By finding the one weak point that has, you know, the highest risk for the city. So, I think cyber security is no longer really about product security. I think all of the big companies will take care of that.”

Even 97-98% of the world’s energy storage capacity today is still pumped hydro storage, but experts believe that today’s incumbent lithium-ion technology is continuously watched closely and carefully by industrial participants. Meanwhile, they are seeing the lens for customer value start to expand more than just cost, so lithium-ion will be about one energy solution among many other storage technologies in the future. As the context of global energy infrastructure transformation is big and there is going to be space for a lot of different storage technologies.

To deploy energy storage is not only a mandated task from government policy or take the financial benefits of various incentives programs but also is driven by other needs like resiliency, where we need a backup when one part of the grid goes down. Even we see the pain in a variety of ways that we are really looking to deploy solutions to in the near term. At CES, we have seen many other storage innovations maybe will come into our general customer’s dailies soon. But to really impact our way of life with electrifying from stored energy, the commercialization path of the innovations is still the main challenge to overcome according to experts at CES.