Energy Storage Packs



DLG provides safe, well-designed and high-performance standard LFP battery pack
for customers. The battery pack is compact, easy to install, free of maintenance and
is used as the building block of energy storage system by assembling in parallel.
It is widely applied in home applications, small C&I ESS as well as Telecom stations.


  1. Long Cycle Life
  2. Scalable to 30kWh
  3. Light and Compact
  4. Able to communicate with mainstream ESS inverters
  5. Easy Installation, Maintenance free, Easy Replacement



Store excess energy generated by solar panels
and use it whenever needed

Electricity Bills Reduction

Charge the battery during off-peak period
and discharge the battery during peak period

Back-up Power Supply

Provide emergency power supply during grid blackouts

Smart Energy Management

Measure, Monitor and Manage the system in real-time.
Maximize the system life span by intelligent algorithms

Battery ModelESS48-2U-L
Nominal Voltage48V
Voltage Range45V-54V
Nominal Energy2.4kWh
Unit Dimension440mm* 410mm * 89mm
Standard Charge Current25A
Maximum Charge Current50A
Standard Discharge Current25A
Maximum Discharge Current50A
Peak Current100A
Round-Trip Efficiency≥97%
Communication ProtocolRS485, CAN
Cycle Life≥4000cycles@0.5C/0.5C@90%DOD, ret@80%, 25℃
Calendar Life≥10years
Operating TemperatureCharge: 0℃~ 45℃, Discharge: -20℃~ 60℃
Storage TemperatureWithin 1month ------------------- -20-45°C
1-3months-------------------------- -20-35°C


The BMS is widely applied in low voltage home ESS in China, Europe and Australia etc.
The high performance of BMS is guaranteed by adopting Automotive-level chips and
self-developed sophisticated BMS software. .At the same time, it’s able to communicate
with mainstream ESS inverters.

BMS Function

  1. Measuring and Collecting of battery data such as Voltage, Current and Temperatures
  2. SoC and SoH calculation
  3. Protection and Warning
  4. Communication
  5. Balancing
  6. The BMS will automatically even-out any difference in the State of Charge between cells
  7. Key Data recording and storage
  8. Parallel connection

Typical Application

12V LFP battery for lead acid replacement

Battery ModelESS12V100Ah
Cell ChemistryLFP
Nominal Voltage12.8Vdc
Voltage Range10VDC ~14.8VDC
Nominal Capacity100 Ah
Maximum Continuous Charging
Maximum Continuous Discharge
Communication  ProtocolRS485
Insulation  Resistance500VDC,≧10MΩ
Unit Dimensions284mm*172mm*186.5mm
Unit  Weight≤13kg
Operating  Temperature-20℃~50℃
Relative  Humidity0~95%, no  condensation
Cooling MethodNatural cooling
Protection GradeIP55
Heating FilmSupported

Built-in BMS

for over-charge, over-discharge,
over-current and over-temperature conditions

Recgarges much faster

can be fully charged in one hour or even less

Longer Cycle Life

up to 4000 cycles @0.5C/0.5C @100%DoD

Small and Lighter

1/3 the size of a lead acid battery;
up to 70% weight saving

Temperature Tolerant


Much higher power output

continuously 3C discharging is supported

Can be Connected in series and in parallel