1 Terranet’s latest cutting-edge tech BlincBike will benefit urban e-micro mobility’s safety

BlincBike is a connected e-bike product comprising a rearview monitoring system that helps cyclists avoid accidents and assist in making smarter decisions on the roads by classifying the object, reading the distance, and predicting the intention of the object.

With this system, e-bike cyclist can keep their eyes on the road ahead and it fits into all types of e-bike according to company. Blincbike will help cyclists keep an eye on the accidents potentially occurring from behind the cyclist with an AI-based rearview. This monitoring system integrates the advantage of computer vision, machine learning and deep neural networks.


2 E-Cargobike is rocketing their popularity of the E-micromobility in Europe, with Germany as its hub

Some records are illustrating E-Cargo Bikes overtake not only Urban Delivery but also somehow became popular household transport alternatives. Cargo bike sales in Europe grew by 38% in 2020 and are projected to grow by another 66% in 2021, according to a European cargo bike industry survey of 38 specialised producers.

By far the largest European market is Germany, where the national Bike Association (ZIV) registered 103,000 cargo bikes sold in 2020.

Germany ranks ahead of Denmark with 25,000, the Netherlands with 16,000 and France with 12,000 sold last year, says the European Bike Association (Conebi).


3 Orbea I-Line patent to improve Canyon mountain bikes, support trail building

“Orbea’s European and American patents, EP3587234 and US11077913, protect the “Inside Line” design and its unique and innovative characteristics. After close and cooperative discussions both companies agree that Orbea will grant a partial license to Canyon to benefit from these patents. This license will allow Canyon to access certain aspects of l-line’s exclusive design characteristics, improving aesthetics as well as reducing friction, protecting the cable from dirt, and freeing up more space in the front triangle. A mountain bike that would benefit from remote shock lockout for improved pedaling efficiency could see the upgrade.

What’s more, Orbea decided to effectively share their intellectual property- I-Line R&D putting all proceeds directly back into supporting trail projects instead of financial gains.

This is certainly a piece of happy news at least for Trail-bike fans. As one fan commented:” now, we’re just curious to see how much mountain bike trail building this licensing agreement will support. It’s always great to see bike companies supporting trail advocacy”.


4 DT Swiss acquires German brake brand Trick stuff

High-end wheel builder DT-Swiss has acquired full ownership of brake brand Trick stuff now.

With the purchase of Trick stuff GmbH, we want to keep pace with the ever-faster development in our industry and establish a development site in a region with high attractiveness to ambitious cyclists.”

DT Swiss said Trick stuff will operate as a company with its own brand identity, marketing, and product strategy. Trick stuff will benefit from DT Swiss’ knowledge in business model development, its IT infrastructure integration, its supply-chain management capabilities, production optimization experience, and industrialization; meanwhile, it is expected that both companies will cooperate and integrate projects jointly.


5 Consumer brand firm Verlinvest makes investment in Pedego

With a massive shift in consumer attitudes around the adoption of e-bikes in the U.S. This is attracting more investment and capital into e-bike related sectors. Investors in the dairy alternative Oatly and natural coconut water Vita Coco, Verlinvest noted growing consumer interest in e-bikes for transportation as lifestyles change in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to reduce carbon emissions.

Equipped with the scale and experience in the sector, Pedego is well positioned to meet demand for behavior-conscious buyers, especially with continued government support through initiatives like bike lanes and the latest U.S. infrastructure bill.” said Clement Pointillart, Verlinvest executive director.

Founded in 2008, Pedego sells its e-bikes through its network of 200 locally owned Pedego dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

It’s highly unusual to find a company that offers industry-leading innovation and a complete customer experience,” said Max Levine, a principal of Verlinvest. “Pedego delivers on both of these promises and more. As a group that prides itself on helping brands unlock their potential, we are thrilled to be partnering with Pedego as they embark on their next phase of growth.”