After a year of intense and busywork, 2021 has left us behind. Over the year, we have learned from each other and made progress in many aspects. For us as an energy solution provider and manufacturer, innovation is always the key focus for us to stay on. This means the quality and efficiency of production are improved and updated all the time by our diligence hardworking and creativity as well. This, in turn, will benefit our customers with a more cost-efficient service and a more competitive edge in their segmented markets.

To support and motivate our colleagues and business units who achieved outstanding records of innovation progress, Pytes Energy celebrates the “Annual Commendation Conference for Innovation and Improvement” before the end of the Chinese Lunar year as part of our business culture tradition.

First of all, congratulations to E-bike Business Office for winning the third prize of Excellent Improvement Team. In 2021, pytes e-bike team contributed 31 improvement proposals which save a total amount of 730,000 for improvements including: equipment, fixtures and craft process.

Congratulations to Liu Shunhua, our colleague at Shanghai Manufacturing Center received the 2021 Improvement Pioneer Award. Thanks to her 28 improvement proposals, which made significant contributions in automation equipment, tooling, 6S, environment, and some other aspects.

As continuous projects had been conducted to improve our production management in order to try out the higher quality in terms of production and in this year “Cable Wire Soldering Changed to Wire Spot Welding” is awarded the Best Improvement Project Award by its comprehensive understanding of up-to-date process methods with a combination of actual manufacturing facilities.

A highly engaged and dynamic working team is crucial to improve production is not a piece of big news for any industry knowers, our Shandong pack factory has made significant performance and witnessed a year record. Thus, the Excellent Improvement Team Second Prize is taken by the team for their excellent 2021.

Our headquarter site-Shanghai Manufacturing Center won the first prize of Excellent Improvement Team. Their brilliant innovation performance has led to a cost reduction of over 2million. The main improvements include the reduction of Stryker personnel, a step forward in automation equipment, and the increase of production and cost reduction of DIP, etc.